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For more than a decade, researchers at The SOC have produced different resources including surveys of workers and consumers and in-depth reports.
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Working at McDonald’s During a Pandemic

McDonald’s Worker COVID-19 Survey Data Brief While over 90 percent of McDonald’s stores have transitioned to take-out, drive-thru and delivery- only operations, McDonald’s employees face serious health and safety risks as they continue to serve the public during the pandemic. Workers report a critical lack of protective equipment like gloves, masks and even hand soap,…

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Cargo In Crisis

COVID-19’s Impact on Southern California Port Truck Drivers The spread of the COVID-19 virus has created massive disruptions in the US economy, while shining a spotlight on the working conditions of essential workers. As millions of Americans stay at home, workers in the logistics and transportation sector take on the burden of transporting essential goods…

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Petition to the FTC for the Investigation of Amazon.com, Inc.

Amazon, long dominant in the e-commerce space, is rapidly consolidating market power and ramping-up anti-competitive practices to maintain their position. In February 2020, a group of major labor unions and The SOC called on the Federal Trade Commission to open an investigation into anti-competitive behavior by Amazon. Unions Calling for Immediate FTC Action: International Brotherhood…

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Analysis of 2019/2020 contract terms of 14 leading franchise systems

Appendix B:  This appendix details the requesters’ review of the contract terms of 14 leading franchise systems, which document the prevalence of one-sided provisions favoring franchisors across the systems. Below, there is excerpted contract language for each of the key contract provisions discussed in Section III of the Request for Investigation for each system that…

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Petition for Investigation of the Franchise Industry

Submitted to the FTC by Service Employees International Union. The Service Employees International Union (the “petitioner”) hereby petitions the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) to investigate the franchise industry to determine the existence and extent of abusive and predatory practices by franchisors toward franchisees. The petitioner requests that the FTC issue an order pursuant to FTC…

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