Safety and Health at Amazon


Our cutting-edge research is exposing the serious dangers Amazon’s business model creates for warehouse workers and drivers. We support the grassroots, worker-driven struggles for safe, reasonable workloads and fair treatment at Amazon.

Our data-driven research lifts the veil on what Amazon has denied for years: its willful mistreatment of the employees whose labor makes possible Amazon’s one-day delivery promise. We have exposed  misrepresentations by Amazon’s executives denying the company’s ??? serious workplace injury in the warehouse industry. SOC reports are repeatedly cited in national media outlets and by prominent Congressional voices as the authoritative source on injuries at Amazon warehouses.

Read “The Injury Machine” and “Primed for Pain,” our reports exposing the Amazon’s pace of work plays in its astronomical warehouse injury rates.

Read “The Worst Mile,” our report about the dangers posed to drivers at Amazon’s dedicated contracted delivery services, including Amazon’s extreme control over every aspect of drivers’ workdays.

Read our complaint to the SEC urging them to hold Amazon CEO Andy Jassy accountable for misleading shareholders by misrepresenting facts about the injury crisis at Amazon.

Millions of people must unite into a strong, reinvigorated labor movement.

If you think it’s time for hard work to be rewarded and valued again in America, and that we need to stop corporate greed, you’re at the right place. Enter your information for ways to get involved.