Fighting for Good Jobs with Call Center Workers United


We provide digital and legal support to healthcare service call center workers across the South as they fight for the wages and dignity afforded to many other federally contracted call center workers.

Call Center Workers United

Employees of federal contractor Maximus provide assistance, support, and information to tens of thousands of Americans on a broad range of issues, and navigate them through the difficult process of applying for and securing healthcare.

These workers, who are predominantly Black women in the deep South, are organizing to secure adequate wages, affordable healthcare, protection from verbal abuse from clients, and more.

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Government Contractor Accountability Project (GCAP)

The Government Contractor Accountability Project (GCAP) is an initiative of the Strategic Organizing Center and Communications Workers of America (CWA). GCAP is committed to ensuring that companies contracted to provide public services and paid with tax dollars are responsible and held accountable for their performance and legal compliance. Responsible government contracting and robust oversight is critical to stewardship of taxpayer dollars and assuring service quality for Americans.

Millions of people must unite into a strong, reinvigorated labor movement.

If you think it’s time for hard work to be rewarded and valued again in America, and that we need to stop corporate greed, you’re at the right place. Enter your information for ways to get involved.