Government Contracting for the Common Good


These campaigns support workers who serve America through government contracts. They seek to establish requirements to hold contractor-employers to the highest standards of workplace conduct and full legal compliance with contract performance provisions.

Call Center Workers United

Workers who handle millions of phone calls for Medicare and ACA participants at Maximus are joining together with the Communications Workers of America to fight back against low wages, expensive healthcare and unfair treatment.

Good Jobs Nation

Good Jobs Nation is a campaign of low-wage workers who serve America through federal contracts, concessions and leases with private businesses. While their employers reap billions of dollars in profits from taxpayers every year, these workers are paid such low wages that they are unable to afford basic needs such as food, clothing, and rent.

Government Contractor Accountability Project (GCAP)

The Government Contractor Accountability Project (GCAP) is an initiative of the Strategic Organizing Center and Communications Workers of America (CWA). GCAP is committed to ensuring that companies contracted to provide public services and paid with tax dollars are responsible and held accountable for their performance and legal compliance. Responsible government contracting and robust oversight is critical to stewardship of taxpayer dollars and assuring service quality for Americans.

Millions of people must unite into a strong, reinvigorated labor movement.

If you think it’s time for hard work to be rewarded and valued again in America, and that we need to stop corporate greed, you’re at the right place. Enter your information for ways to get involved.