Crawford v McDonald’s Complaint


Plaintiffs, Christine Crawford, Delores Crawford, Juneth N. Daniel, Yves Dominique, Van Jakes, Ralph King, Keith Manning, Kenneth Manning, Dawn Mussenden, Laetitia Johnson, Carrie Salone, Floyd Sims, Larry Brown, John Mason, Ronnie Thornton, Lisa Gunter, f/k/a Lisa McKenzie, Mitchell McGuire, Lois McGuire, Hayes Ferrell, Yvonne Knox, Arthur Scott, Errol Service, Melvin Jones, George Gipson, Michael Simon, Victor Bruce, David White, John Tillman, Allen Stafford, Kurt Holloway, Kent Jones, Harold Lewis, Jeremy Lewis, Philip Douglas, Lawrence Holland, William Rasul, LeRoy Walker, Jr., Jeffery Rogers, Joseph Mbanefo, Annis Alston-Staley, Harry Staley, Gordon Thornton, Dwayne Richard Johnson, Serge Tancrede, Karen Tancrede, Errol Thybulle, Wise Finley, Jeremiah Simmons, Darryl Umphries, Jacqueline George, Joketra Hall, and Lewis Anderson (collectively, “Plaintiffs”), by and through their undersigned counsel, bring this action against Defendants, McDonald’s USA LLC (“McDonald’s USA”), a Delaware limited liability company, and McDonald’s Corporation, a Delaware corporation (“McDonald’s Corporation,” together with McDonald’s USA, “McDonald’s” or “Defendants”), and allege as follows:

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